The 8 Easy Steps to writing your Coursework

Coursework is an assignment that the course instructor sets for you to do. Coursework can be set individually or as a group assignment.

Coursework helps you refine your skills and understanding of the topic being studied and enables you to use new knowledge practically.

Why do a Coursework?

A seminar, lecture, or discussion class will give students occasional opportunities to contribute or lead a small-scale project that relates directly to their learning goals; this is called coursework.

Sometimes, one student is asked to take on the role of Coursework leader. For example, coursework project leaders are often required to attend a weekly seminar with their peers and instructor.

Some undergraduate programs also require a large-scale Coursework project that is completed near the end of the program. This can be either individual or group work and involves applying knowledge gained in class to solve an original problem.

The 8 steps for Effective Coursework Writing include:

  1. Choosing the appropriate topic: The first step of effective coursework writing is to decide what you will write about. Consider a broad-scale question and find out the answer by consideration of more specific questions.
  2. Discuss the topic with your professor/advisor: Discuss your topic with your instructor to ensure you have a clear understanding of what he or she expects from you.
  3. After approval of the topic, draft a plan for your coursework paper: Develop a brief prioritization of the points that you will cover in your paper and check that each point is properly supported, either with research or with personal experience.
  4. Choose your research methods: The first thing you should do is look at the materials available on your topic. What statistical data or personal experiences can you use to support your thesis? What types of research are appropriate to use in this case? Some of the research methods include Analysis, Comparison, Experiment, Interview, Survey, and Case Study.
  5. Researching online for academic work: To complete your plan, you will need to research several sources for background information. Try to find similar articles or publications on your topic so that you can get a general idea of the scope and direction of recent research. Find out what other people think about your topic and which material is up-to-date in your field of study.
  6. Create your outline: When you have to do coursework writing, it is important to create an outline of your research paper. It is also time-saving to write the outline first and then complete the structure later with your research findings.
  7. Write the first draft: This is another step you should not ignore when starting your coursework writing task. While many writers consider this the most difficult part of academic writing, it can be fun if you do it right. First, take a deep breath. Then, try to remember the topic of your research and write it down on a sheet. Then, you have to make an outline that will help you organize your thoughts effectively.
  8. Revising and editing coursework projects. Basic tips:
  • Try not to be too critical of your own writing; it will only lead to self-doubt.
  • Pay attention to your vocabulary; make sure it is close to the academic language used in your class.
  • Check your grammar! There is nothing worse than being called out in front of the whole class because of a common grammar error.
  • Proofread! Look for spelling errors, and make sure that you have used the correct form of words (for example, "admitted" or "admittance").
  • Check your punctuation, both within your sentences and in relation to other sentences.
  • If you are having problems formulating any part of the writing process, get some help! Ask a reliable friend or family member for advice.

Above all, remember to be flexible with the writing process; many people find that the best coursework writing comes from a combination of drafting and editing, drafting and editing again.